The Prisons For Profit By Carl Mollins Essay

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Over the last twenty plus years in the United States the latest trend in imprisonment and penal treatment of inmates has been the privatization of prisons and sentencing that is both harsher in nature and much longer in terms of years behind bars.
The “Prisons For Profit” article by Carl Mollins’ outlines in glowing terms the author’s opinion that there are the many benefits to the privatization of prisons in the United States. According the opinion of this author the “benefits” include cost savings and better training and care for the prisoners. It is clear that this position is incorrect. The privatization of prisons is a natural consequence of mass incarceration rates in the United States. It does nothing for prisoners and does not save taxpayer money.
In Carl Mollins’ article “Prison for Profits”, Mollins makes several assertions to support the privatization of the country’s prisons. Mollins argues that public demand for sterner action against crime and harsher punishment of criminals resulted in laws that increased prison time for inmates. This legislation demanded by the public resulted in an explosion of the prison population in the United States. The explosion of the prison population has resulted in an explosion of prison costs that can be controlled by the privatization of prisons. The fixed per prisoner per day charged by private prisons is cost effective while providing proper care to prisoners. Finally, Mollins emphasizes throughout his article the…

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