Essay on The Prison System During The United States

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Prisons have had a significant change within the United States over the last 100 years. As the prison system began to modernize we see significant changes that are still used today. Though many different mistakes and trials were tested within the years, many influential ideals (ideologies) we taken and used in the modern day use of corrections. With each era we were able to see early oenologist make assumptions that played major contributions to the history of prisons. History has drastically changed with the help of penologist. Before prison came into the United States there had been several jails and prisons throughout Europe. There prison systems did not have the proper standards until one man reformed the prison systems for the better. John Howard was an appointed Sheriff in Bedfordshire in 1773. Howard took his job seriously because he had been previously locked up and remembered the terrible conditions. As Sheriff in Bedfordshire he started to hold jail inspections and he found out that there was several criminals found not guilty at their trails but continued to be detained because of the fee the families had to pay to the courts. As Howard visited different jails throughout Europe he finds that people were dying from diseases such as small pox and typhus. It also didn’t help that the lice and rats helped spread it from prisoner to prisoner. People died from starvation because the prisoner or the prisoner’s family had to buy their food. Many others also died from…

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