The Principles Of The Organization Essay example

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In this case clever goals were set. Here, we saw goals that were attainable in the near future. These goals were realistic and because of these goals the organization was able to show excellence in what they do. Setting key goals can be, and often is the defining factor into how successful the organization can be.
Specialization, departmentalization, unity of command, and span of control are the principles of the organizational structure. Bureaucracies usually have the characteristics of a set application of rules and a standard way of getting things done. Both however have their positive and negative aspects to it. What we understand about a set way of doing things is that it holds fairness in high regards. If specialization is key though, this may result in tedious work. This will soon become bored, and the life of doing what must be done into a chore. The three considered motivational actions are job enlargement, job enrichment, and accountability and job rotation. The purpose of these actions is to offset the monotony of routine tasks in bureaucratic or batch environments. Offsetting monotony is often thought to motivate employees. However, rather than monotony, employees most often mention work overload as a big stressor.
They used a step by step approach to summarize the key points in realigning work and integrating the new roles to meet the goals of the department. The approach is as follows:
1. Detect, monitor, and collect data related to indictors of change that…

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