The Principles Of Public Relations Essay

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The term Public relations is defined as a communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between a business and their publics it is often processed to influence public opinion. Most often done by communication between both groups of individuals whether it be a company or media coverage. The principles of public relations are founded by Arthur W. Page they are as follows; tell the truth, actions speak louder than words, always listen to the consumer, anticipate public relation and eliminate practices that cause conflict, public relations is a management and policy making function that impacts the entire company, and lastly keep a sense of humor, exercise judgment, and keep a cool head in times of crisis.
In today’s society the issues that are most often focused on in the media are questions of war and peace, disputes between science and religion, and the balance between public safety and personal freedoms. These are not the only problems today, in our society the media is focused on their celebrity cliental and it is Public relations job to sometimes cover up disputes that may happen. With this being said two-way communication is aimed at building engagement for the press and the client.
This is what I find most interesting about public relations because there are so many categories that you could work for while being a PR agent. Out of each category I find the celebrity PR team the most fascinating since you get to work with celebrities and help them…

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