The Principles Of Goal Setting Essay example

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The principles of goal setting in this case are applied through the work, tasks, duties, assignments and responsibilities that all of the employees do. The leaders of the company look over each and every one of their departments and organize those goals at different levels. Those four levels are as follows, from most thorough to least thorough:

· Re-engineering – usually done by the higher levels of administration; when a department or organization goes through a re-evaluation process. Policies, missions, business structures and any other attributes are looked over.

· Restructuring – also done by the higher levels of administration; when the re-engineering process returns a verdict of “change is imminent”, thus the entire organizational structure is changed

· Work Redesign – done at department level; work is rearranged through layout, procedures, processes, and the structure of tasks

· Job Redesign – also done at department level; tasks for a job are changed, whether it would result in the addition of jobs and employees, modification of different tasks, or the deletion of the jobs and employees altogether

Job enrichment is when new tasks are added, but they come with more responsibility, accountability, and a higher skill level. The principles of job enrichment are applied in this case if HIM feels that certain problems may need to be solved in order to improve and promote a more positive working environment. Some…

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