The Principles Of Cognitive Development Essay

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I desire to discuss the main principles of cognitive development and compare them to biblical perspective and discuss this theory’s impact on society. The Cognitive Developmental Theory being one of the most influential seeks to describe and explain the development of thought processes, mental states and also looks at how these thought processes influence the way we understand and interact with the world. Almost all of these approaches reject God as a variable in the equation of human personality. Without the knowledge of God, a theorist is left to examine a creature from his or her own intellect and herein lies the problem. First of all, theory outside of truth is speculation. Theory is just that and is good only in the limits of its research. God has not given us the ins and outs of the mind even though study has made great accomplishments in that area. This is why we still have questions because all men are not the same in that they are all created with different gifting’s and abilities being wired differently that they may function in the capacity that God desires. The Cognitive Developmental Theory possesses four developmental stages that occur as intelligence grows. The sensorimotor stage which is from birth to age 2 indicates that knowledge is acquired through basic motor and sensory experiences.
Object permanence or object constancy is when a child understands that objects are separate and distinct entities that exist outside of their individual…

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