Essay on The Principles Of A Nonviolent Campaign

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1. King addresses the fellow Clergyman who labeled his activities in Birmingham as “’unwise and untimely’” (¶ 1)
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3. He is in Birmingham because he 1) was invited; 2) because he has “organizational ties”; 3) more importantly, because “ injustice is here”(¶¶2-3)
4. King compares his situation in Birmingham to old testaments prophets who left his village to spread the word of God. Similarly, like Apostle Paul who left Tarsus to spread “the gospel of Jesus Christ,” King asserts that he too has the missions to spread his” gospel of freedom” beyond the boundary of his home. (¶3)

5. King rebuked his audience by telling them that their statement “fails so express a similar concern for the conditions that brought about the demonstrations.” (¶5)
6. The four basic steps of a nonviolent campaign are “collect the facts to determine whether injustice exist”; negotiate; self-purification; direct actions.” (¶6)

7. The hard brutal facts King stated are the “grossly unjust treatment in the courts” and “unsolved bombings of Nergo homes and churches” in Birmingham. (¶6)

8. The negotiations failed because, “ the city fathers . . .refused to engage in good-faith negotiation.”

9. “Self-purification” is a series of workshop to rid oneself of violent actions, by repeating “’Are you able to accept low without retaliation?’” etc.

10. “Direct process” was that non-violent actions they did, or in cases like this didn’t do in order to get the point across. For example, Kings direct…

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