The Principles Of A C Essay

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The following principle is the worlds greatest known fact ,but the easiest one that most ministers tend to forget as we grow in God. I love how this initial message of this foundational chapter starts off by reminding me that it 's God who has decided to choose me and that my call is not one of my own self. I would like to combine the following principles of A-C by quoting Genesis 1:26 thats when God made man he made them in his image and likeness with the unanimous unwavering decision and being on accord with jesus and the holy spirit. Jer 1:5-7 Also confirms this concept because it speaks of being formed and called by god before the foundations of the world where formed and how before we were made in our mothers womb he know us and called us.

D. Being counted faithful and trustworthy by Jesus Christ

This principle is stated within the book of 1Timothy 1:12. This principle is a constant reminder that it’s our obligation to be in place where we don’t violate the gift of trust and faithfulness that is given to us by Jesus Christ. Jesus entrusted us with such gifts because of our ability through relationship with him that we’d always choose him. No matter the plight or situation we would be able to stand to say “ We trust Him” and even in the case of falling short we would turn to him quickly in truth and begin to walk upright and faithful before him after being forgiven.

E. Minister by the gift of God’s grace One of the most profound things to…

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