The Principled Negotiation

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The goal of all negotiations is to get in a position more beneficial than before the negotiation took place, for all parties involved. The authors of Getting to the Yes, Roger Fisher and William Ury, give directions on how to embark on a negotiation with the four parts of principled negotiation which are separate the people from the problem, focus on interests, not positions, generate options for mutual gain, and insist on using objective criteria. The authors created these four parts of negotiation, because they believe in going “soft on people and hard on the problem”. The principled negotiations are predictable guidelines on how to have a conversation with an opposing party, but the outline in the books reminded readers on how simple it …show more content…
My objectives for the negotiation was to have the Redskins change their name, their logo, their mascot and donate a sum, decided in negotiation, to an organization that promoted higher education in the Native American community such as the American Indian College Fund, and the National Indian Education Association. I was also prepared with my BATNA, which in the book is one of the key principles of negotiation meaning the best alternative to a negotiation agreement, which was that my organization would set up boycotts for Redskins merchandise, protest games, increase the negative image that the Redskins have gained through continued use of the name “redskins” by creating a campaign that spotlights the Redskins team continued use of the racial slur, and to lobby political officials whose best interest would be protecting the …show more content…
By respectably communicating and clarifying positions we applied the component of principled separating the people from the problem. The agreement my partner and I had recognized out mutual interests which we brainstormed, which is that the Redskin’s owner Dan Snyder would speak to Native American tribes in the Washington D.C. area to see if the team could adopt their name. This will benefit the team because polling done by Change the Mascot indicated that 77% wanted the owner to meet with Native American tribes, and it opens the possibility of having the name changed after further meetings of

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