The Principle Teachings About Peace in Judaism and Christianity

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Analyse using sacred scripture and a variety of sources the principle teachings about peace in Judaism and Christianity and how these teachings impact on the life of each adherent’s tradition, as a means of achieving inner peace.

Living and perpetuating a life of peace are central to the Christian and Jewish religious expressions. The teachings of peace which underpin both Christianity and Judaism are existent in their sacred texts; The Bible for Christians, The Torah and Mishnah Torah for Jewish adherents. Albeit peace is of paramount importance to both traditions, the concept of peace is expressed differently. Christians believe the only way complete peace can be attained is through the full acceptance of Jesus Christ, the incarnate.
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Although ‘God is the ultimate deliverer of peace’ (Isaiah 26:12), it is through the principal teachings on peace in Judaism, in which guide the contribution of individuals and Jewish communities to sustain inner peace, hitherto foreshadowing world peace. It is peace that is highly valued and should be sought after at all times. This is largely because the imitations of God’s righteous and compassionate nature is required of all observant Jews in (Deuteronomy 28:9 NIV) “walk in his ways” and (Leviticus 19:2 NIV) “You shall be holy; for I the Lord your God am holy”, whereby in order to sustain inner peace one must acknowledge The Golden Rule; “You shall love your neighbour as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18 NIV). Judaism adheres to the concept that; every human life is sacred, based on the creation account in (Genesis 1:27 NIV) which records human kind as being made “in God’s image”. (Genesis 9:6 NIV) “Whoever sheds the blood of a human being by human beings shall his blood be shed, for in the divine image did God make humanity”, whereby it is interpreted that when one destroys a single individual, it is as if that person destroyed the whole world. (Sanhedrin 4:5). Judaism teaches that, in order for the individual to attain inner peace, the individual must be faithful to God. Judaism is unequivocal in regards to guiding the individual towards achieving inner peace, affirming repeatedly that

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