The Principle Of Alternate Possibilities Essay

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If we live in a world where free will existed we would always be morally responsible for our actions because we always have options to do otherwise, this is known as the principle of alternate possibilities. For now let us assume that we live in a determinist world where our life events are predetermined would we be responsible for our actions even though we have no control over them? It is very hard to imagine how someone could possibly be responsible for actions they had no control over but beyond that we would have to accept that moral responsibility can coexist with determinism. Personally I feel even if we lived in a determinist world we would still be morally responsible for our actions for fact that you acted and your act caused consequences. Someone who tried to show that moral responsibility and determinism can coexist was Harry Frankfurt by using his Jones cases to demonstrate that the principle of alternative possibilities that he defined was false. Before Frankfurt used his Jones cases he starts of by saying “I propose to develop some examples or this kind in the context of a discussion of coercion and to suggest that our moral intuitions concerning these examples tend to disconfirm the principle of alternate possibilities.” (Perry 408), which is basically saying these I have some examples with coercion taking place that will illustrate why the principle of alternate possibilities is false. In Jones one Frankfurt starts off by demonstrating the principle of…

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