The Princess Of The Midnight Ball Essay

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The Princess of the Midnight Ball, by Jessica Day George, is a retelling of the twelve dancing princess. The story begins with the end of a war between two countries Westfalin and Analousia, and a young solider, Galen Werner, heading to the capital of Westfalin. Galen is the son of soldier and an army wash woman. Both of Galen’s parents died in the war and he is headed to Bruch to find his mother’s sister Liesel Orm. On his long march he meets a strange old woman that he gives some food. In thanks for his kindness the woman insists that Galen take some of her wool. She instructs Galen that the white is like a swan and can offer protection and the black wool is strong like iron. Galen accepts the gifts and is ready to head on his way when the …show more content…
The Queen, Maude, had a deal with the King Under Stone that she would dance for his balls in exchange for a child. She continued to make similar deals with the King Under Stone such as ensuring the victory of Westfalin in their war. The King Under Stone is a being that is able to use magic but has been trapped underground by a group of witches and wizards to prevent him from harming the world. Queen Maude was desperate to have children and sought him out. As a result of her deals the Queen would have to dance for the King Under Stone for a certain matter of years. Each time the Queen missed a night of dancing the number of times she would have to dance would increase. By the time she died the Queen had to go dance every three days. The princesses have been cursed to finish their mothers payments to the King Under Stone. King Gregor knows nothing about what his wife did and what his daughters are doing other than their dancing shoes are being worn through. The Princesses are bond to not tell anyone of their curse and can not calm their father’s frustrating of not understanding his girls. Every third night the Princesses descend a magic staircase into the floor that leads them to the King Under Stone’s realm to dance with his

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