The Princess Of The Kingdom Of Mooi There Lived Two Girls Who Were The Best Of Friends

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In a castle in the Kingdom of Mooi there lived two girls who were the best of friends. Although, their lives were very different, the two girls always made time to enjoy each other’s company. The princess lived a very luxurious life. It was full of riches like glorious parties, fancy foods, and beautiful dresses. On the other hand, her dear friend, the poor servant girl’s life was not so luxurious. She and her mother were always cleaning the castle and taking orders from the royal family. The two girls sometimes wished they could simply switch lives.
“Your life is so simple,” says the princess, “All you do is clean!”
The servant answers back, “Well look at your life! You get to dress in these beautiful gowns, tend amazing parties and live in this glorious castle!”
The princess sighs, “It is not as great as it me!”
“My life is not as simple and easy as you think it is either…”
“I wish it could be so simple to switch lives!” The princess exclaimed.
The two girls sat there in silence while dreaming about living different lives.
The next morning, the servant woke up early to tend to her chores. She helped her mother cook a breakfast feast for the royal family, did the laundry, swept, and all of her morning duties before the princess was even awake. The servant tried to get a head start on today’s chores so she had more time to play with the princess. As soon, as the princess woke up, the two headed outside to play. The girls did what they usually did when they…

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