The Prince And The Blog Essay

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The Prince and the Blog
Episode 1: The Surprisingly Sweet Sixteen EEERRRR! EEERRR! The sound of my alarm wakes me from the beauty of slumber; I open my eyes and stare at the clock, 7:30, so school should be starting in about half an hour… “Shush” I whisper to the machine, “I don’t care,” rather than making the effort to shut off the annoying noise I just decide to lie there and wait.
Sure enough after about a minute or two my twin sister Erica bursts into my room,
“ERIC! GET UP! I AM NOT GOING TO BE LATE AGAIN! ESPECIALLY NOT TODAY!” she hits the off button on the alarm then leaves the room, slamming the door, for effect of course. “WELL EXCUUUSE ME PRINCESS!” I shout after her, sitting up in my bed, “and what’s so special about today?” I look at the calendar and I see that the date is November 16th, oh that’s it, her favorite day of the year.
I don’t feel like having her yell at me again so I decide to get dressed. Now, knowing my sister she probably dressed up a bit nicer than she usually does, I on the other hand choose to dress in my usual garb, jeans, a nerdy t-shirt of my choice, and one of my many hoodies.
I quickly brush my teeth while sending an invite to each of my friends so they can see it when they’re online later; I make sure to factor in the different times, as we all live in different time zones. And then I head to the kitchen to grab an apple or something on my way to the door. As soon as I step foot in the kitchen I see my mother making pancakes.…

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