The Primitive Viking Culture And Masculinity Essay

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The primitive Viking culture worshiped many gods including Thor, the son of Odin. Thor was the god of war and battle with incredible strength and courage, characteristics every Viking strived to have. In Marvel Comics ' motion picture, Thor, Thor 's masculinity represents the ultimate quality that defines being a man in Asgard and the Vikings were shaped and molded to fit that paragon. Although Thor was all powerful in Asgard, he lost all of his powers when he got exiled to Earth by Odin. This being said, the representation of masculinity in Asgard as opposed to Earth complicates modern day ideas about masculinity because of the different standards that define a man 's manliness in modern day society. In Elizabeth Leverington 's Domesticating the Hero: Normative Masculinity in "Robinson Crusoe" and "Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded”, she points out how the ideal masculine figure in pop culture is defined by his ability to have a successful career and provide for a family which contrasts greatly with the masculine ideals of Asgardians in which a man 's masculinity is reflected by the battles he wins and his ability to be a warrior. The contrast between Thor 's masculinity in Asgard and the masculinity of the humans on Earth complicate the ideas about gender roles in popular culture by showing the audience how Thor 's ideas of masculinity set him apart from the mortal men who surround him because of the way he flaunts his violence and strength in a world where those characteristics…

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