The Primary Goal Of Miami Dade Community Policing Essay example

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The primary goal of Miami-Dade community policing is to gain the trust of the community, serve and create a unity between residents and law enforcement. Community leaders are moving toward more positive interaction between law enforcement and the community. The idea is to create programs that allow residents to be more involved with their community and understand the functions of law enforcement. Hence, if residents were more involved in the safety of their community, this would restore the trust in law enforcement. The code of silence would be obsolete and community members will assist law enforcement to solve criminal activity.
This can be accomplished by having the residents’ gain confidence in the police, which will then in return create more compliance to work with police in anti-crime initiatives. Officers traveling by foot, bike or on Segways are considered anti-crime initiatives it takes police officers out from inside their patrol vehicles, which many residents historically view as a barrier between the community and law enforcement psychologically. By doing this it places the police officer in a position for more personal contact with the residents of the community. Community policing have shown a significant increase of law enforcement interaction with the community (Hickman & Reaves, 2001, p.9), which modernly changes how the police operate.
Protecting children is a very important and required goal for any community-policing program. Some children are…

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