The Price Of Tuition For Colleges Essay

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Money is the central focus in every society that exists today because money means power. Money means the difference between survival and total failure. In college total failure ensures a future of mediocre jobs, and this is why it is important to be financially wise when going through college. Today the price of tuition for colleges is the highest that it has ever been, and that price is still continuing to rise. A lot of college students are being forced into debt as they follow their dreams because they do not understand the financial decisions that they are making. In no way does high school prepare students for the financial decisions that they will be making in their near future. For this reason many colleges have begun to require freshman to go to seminars where they are taught how to spend their money smartly instead of blindly. To me the scariest part of college is that I know that I will be poor because a huge bulk of the money that I make will be going back into my education, and this does not leave very much to spend freely. I also do not know a lot about money and the best way to spend it, or save it. I really have a ton to learn while I am at college, which is going to require some mistakes with my finances. To prepare for college I am going to apply for a lot of scholarships in the hopes that I am able to acquire money from a lot of them. My grandparents have also had a college fund for my brother and I since we were little. All of these things will help, but…

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