The Prevention Of The Hpv Vaccination Essay

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Teens and children are over half of the world’s population and are the future of our world; therefore, we need to keep track of their health and welling. In doing so we need to keep up with their vaccinations and doing our best to prevent horrible diseases. HPV is one of the most common diseases among kids and teens, and yet is one of the easiest to prevent. If we take these simple steps to prevent this virus they have a greater chance at never getting the disease, and even eradicating it as a whole. There are currently many things being done to catch the attention of parents and these teens to make them understand how important and simple it is to get these vaccinations. This paper will be exploring and looking at some of the things being done to help inform and make parents and their teens more aware of the HPV vaccination itself, and the reasons it’s important to be receiving them. These interventions are taking action to improve the situations concerning the Human papilloma virus in teens and young adults, and creating a new way of spreading word so that those who are infected, and who are not, have the knowledge and ability to further understand it.

Intervention one: Free Vaccination Clinics

Free vaccination clinics are quite common and makes it a simple process for those who can’t afford to get the HPV vaccinations. No matter where you live there is most likely a free vaccination clinic somewhere near you. The majority of these clinics are funded by the federal…

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