Essay about The Prevention Of Organ Donation

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The gift of life. Death is something that will eventually happen to all the living creatures in the world. It almost can’t be accurately predicted and if process is started, there are no ways to turn it around. When brain stopped functioning and died, it’s impossible to bring it back to life, but some of the body organs and systems may still keep functioning for some period of time until they fail. Bodies, which keep their functions after brain death, are called beating-heart cadavers or BHC and their organs can be used for the organ transplant surgeries. Donating organs still has its good and bad sides. The process is still has many unanswered scientific and ethical questions; the theme of organ donation is probably one of the most complicated in modern bioethics. The donor transplant surgery is a very expensive procedure, which requires high professional skills of the surgeons and his team. According to Discovery Magazine’s article “The Beating Heart Donors” (May 2012), transplant industry is a 20 billion per year business. The numbers are pretty impressing and make us think about how well developed and organized the entire system is. However, there are some questions doctors are still trying to find answers. One of the biggest concerns is if the BHC patients can still feel pain while harvesting. It sounds hard to believe that brain-dead person’s body can function; however BHCs can urinate, have the bed sores and even carry the babies. After long years of observation,…

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