Essay on The Prevention Of Childhood Obesity

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The number of obese young people rate triples over the past three decades. The children aged between six to eleven, statistical report for obesity without inclusion of overweight should lie around 19.6% and for peoples whose ages are from 12-19 whose statistic for obesity without inclusion of overweight was 18.1% (NCHS, 2010). In 2004, the prevention of childhood obesity has a national priority said the U.S. Institute of Medicine. The consequences of being overweight in childhood accompanied by obesity are very severe issues. This childhood over weighted or obesity also increases the risk for various heart problems, increase in high blood pressure, followed by some other medical problems (Melinda s sorthern et al., 2000) and it also has the devasting psychological impact of being overweight at childhood.

Being obese during childhood and at adolescence has also increases the higher rate of sickness and at sometimes may cause death in their adulthood, even when considering the adult weight (Must, Jaques, Dallal, Bajema, & Dietz, 1992). It clearly shows that over weighted children they themselves put at serious lifelong risk of health problems compared to those adults who are obese. In addition, overweight at childhood and being obese can carry into their adulthood if not treated earlier, (Freedman, Khan, Dietz, Srinivasan & Berenson, 2001). Over the last term adult overweight and obesity are more difficult to treat successfully (Jeffery et al., 2000), and also they…

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