Essay about The Prevention And Management Of Aging People

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B) The prevention and management of aging people

Why does Europe have an aging population?

The aging population of Europe is due to the decrease of fertility, the decrease of mortality rate, and the higher life expectancy of Europeans.

Indeed at the beginning of the 60th the feminization of the work market delayed the age for having a child, and so it directly limited the number of children per women.

Also the values and the culture based of family changed in Europe. The increase of divorces and the decline of wedding reduces the number of child.
Also the expansion of means contraception reduces heavily the number of birth.
Also thanks to modern medicine the mortality rate decreases and people leave longer.

What do we do with this aging population?

The European retirement system is based on employment-based pension. The working person pays for the unoccupied population. During their year of work life, parts of employee salary are taken and redistributed to inactive population, then when those people will take their retirement they will receive money from the active population. This retirement system worked for many years, but today with the increase of life expectancy and the decrease of fertility their not enough active people to pay for inactive. Indeed in 2005 the working population represented 12% of total population of Europe, if any changes happen the percentage could drop to 6% in 2050.

How can Europe face those challenges?

In order to face…

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