The Prevalence Of Hypertension Among African Americans Essay

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Mrs. S.B. is a 37-year-old African American, obesity, pregnant woman. She is married and live with her husband, who is 42 and 2 children (14-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter) both are in good health; she does not work and reside in state of Florida. Established patient at Millennium, who is in her second trimester of pregnancy. She has had two previous miscarriages. The reason why she came to the clinic today; she has had experience a terrible headache for the past of 2 weeks as well as excessive swelling on her face, legs, and hands, which didn’t go away; despite she took Tylenol 500mg. Also, she states that the pain has been severe on her right side. Her pass medical history includes hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity; which increases risk of preeclampsia. Therefore, hypertension disorder during pregnancy is a major cause of mother and fetal morbidity and mortality especially associated with her other comorbidities. The prevalence of hypertension among African Americans is the highest in the world (Perni et al., 2012). A physical examination was completed and suspicion of preeclampsia could not be rule out. She has past surgical history of vaginal polyps.
Social History Mrs. S.B. is involved with her community church on Sunday. She usually walks 30 minutes a day three times a week. She denies any use of illegal drugs, alcohol, or cigarette smoke. She had had four pregnancies and two resulting in early miscarriages. She does self- breast…

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