The Prevalence Of Eating Disorders Essays

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Problem: How people define beauty in this society can differ from one person to the next. Each with their own perception of what beauty is. Therefore, a person beauty does not have to fill an expectation. However, many individuals have their perceptions of beauty skewed, believing that beauty is related to one’s size, shape and weight. In the United States, people are constantly badgered with images of the “ideal” man or woman. Women and men are featured in social media and advertisements are not comprised of different body shapes, heights or ethnicities, rather the media expresses an image that does not truly express the diverse population that makes up the United States. As generations pass, the American media continues to bombard the people with a suggestive beauty standard that should be fit into. For some, this ultimately leads to the drastic need to alter one’s body to meet the beauty standard that has been placed.
Community at Risk:
The prevalence of eating disorders continues to increase resulting with an unhealthy relationship with food, one’s body, and unhealthy habits to regulate one’s weight. All together these practices have led to the morbidity of many young women in the United States. Due to society, cultural factors; particularly the emphasis on thinness and dieting in American society, the number of women with eating disorders has grown. (Edwards-Hewitt & Gray, 1993) Many females, as young as ten are struck with the fear of becoming fat, and begin…

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