The Role Of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

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Sexual harassment lowers work performance and brings low self-esteem to the victims.
Sexual harassment is considered as a public embarrassment and humiliation where the harassed may be blamed for her dress and lifestyle at is unfortunate that the harassed normally become under scrutiny and this really interferes with their reputation and dignity. To most victims, sexual harassment may prompt them to change their jobs or even feel that people around them do not care about them. There are more other challenges affecting the victims such as depression, anxiety, nightmares, anger, powerlessness, increased blood pressure, withdrawal, traumatic stress and isolation. Strong policies should be instituted both nationally and within organizations to address gender-based
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There are also principles laid down by the individual businesses to deal with the sexual harassment matters.

Çelik and Çelik (2007), identifies the prevalence and sources of sexual harassment against nurses in Turkey. According to their article, it was apparent that physicians were actually the main instigators of sexual harassment and that anger and fear was the reaction against the harassers. According to Çelik and Çelik (2007), most of the sexually harassed nurses do not report the incident to the hospital administration. Sexual harassment is very common in the nursing profession compared to other professions. Also, women are more subjected to sexual harassment compared to men. Nurses with bachelor’s degree in nursing are likely to report sexual incidents and that they are also the dominant group being harassed. Women holding subordinate positions especially in nursing are at risk of being sexually harassed by people in the higher ranks such as physicians. Because of serious effects of sexual harassment, nurses

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