Essay on The Presidential Election : The Battle For Majority Control

1892 Words Nov 15th, 2016 8 Pages
Given the unpredictable and unconventional nature of this year’s presidential election, the battle for majority control in the House and the Senate became increasingly important for both major parties in our country. In Missouri, a recently reliably conservative state based on Romney’s convincing wins in the previous two presidential elections, this cycle’s Senate race has proved to be increasingly interesting as it emerged as an unexpectedly tight race, pitting long serving Republican incumbent Roy Blunt against up-and-coming young moderate Democrat, Jason Kander, Missouri’s secretary of state who previously has served as an intelligence officer in the Army. The campaigns revolved around status in Washington, is Blunt the exact type of long standing Washington insider that Trump was a deliberate and successful departure from? Is Kander really the outsider he painted himself to be or was he simply a mere mouthpiece of the Obama Clinton policy platform? This Senate race endorses the fundamental notion of one dimensional politics in so far as policy was the principal concern. Kander tried to move his platform to the right on this figurative sliding scale to capture moderate conservatives by emphasizing his record of supporting the second amendment and his military background, supporting a balanced budget, and focusing on Missouri farmers. Whereas Roy Blunt appealed to the farther right by backing the anti-establishment Trump and denouncing all Obama administration policy, thus…

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