Essay about The Presidential Election Of The United States

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In the United States of America, a two party system is implicated, however, there lies third party ballot that is designed to please those who have no party affiliation. Third parties have contributed astronomical ideas to American politics, from the abolition of slavery, to a woman 's right to vote, to child labor laws. Though the candidates of the third party have little to no chance of winning a presidential election, they are of great importance when it comes to which of the standard two parties, Democratic and Republican, will win the election. Several factors come into place for a third party to influence an election, such as the popularity of the candidate, stance on issues, strong division between Democratic and Republican candidates, economy, and often war. The candidates of a third party run based on their belief on issues, not on the probability of winning. These men, and women, run for president to express their beliefs and voice their opinions to the American people. Third party candidates have proven repeatedly that they do in fact affect the outcome of an election by taking away votes from major candidates and forcing major candidates adopting their policies. Some specific cases in which third parties had the biggest impacts on the presidency are the election of 1992 between Bill Clinton and George H. Bush, and in the election of 2000 between George W. Bush and Al Gore. There had also been a little input from the third party candidates in the most previous…

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