The Presidential Election : Coupled With Social Media Essay

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The upcoming presidential election, coupled with social media has exposed the dark underbelly of this country. There is a blatant difference in the living conditions of two groups of people in the country. The underbelly, is the real life differences that many citizens of our nation face daily depending on their economic means and living circumstances. A person’s economic means also create a difference in neighborhoods, education and interests in leisure activities. Whether it’s social media or on the news there are constant opinions from many sides. Some claim to know why a certain group has a lesser income or give advice on what they can do to lift themselves from said poverty. Either way, a barrier is created between the higher or upper class income families and the lower income families. A very obvious difference between the two groups of people is their neighborhood.

There are sometimes large families residing in very small living quarters, as opposed to a suburban lifestyle where there are houses with more land and living arrangements that are not as cramped. Even in areas of the country where low income areas may not be a city environment the lack of income affects the style of home or apartment families can afford to live in (Jacob, 2007). Not only are there differences in living arrangements, but there is also a difference in the street traffic in neighborhoods. Many low income families choose to live in the inner-city or urban areas because of the convenience of…

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