The Presidential Election Campaign : Donald Trump Essay

1040 Words Aug 9th, 2015 null Page
One of the most fascinating current events today is the upcoming Presidential Election campaign. The campaign is interesting because it is a truism that as individuals we are curious about our leaders and critically discuss their actions. On this basis, political leaders are often under scrutiny because of their leadership styles, their goals and vision, which sets the tone for their political battle. Due to these occurrences leadership behaviors and styles are constantly being examined. Leadership is the common methods used in daily business operations (Nelson & Quick, 2012). Donald Trump, who is a wealthy outspoken businessman, television personality and also chairs the Trump Organization is currently expanding on his leadership rolls to include his participation as a presidential candidate in the 2016 election campaign. Throughout his many years in leadership rolls, Donald Trump has portrayed many leadership qualities of an Autocratic leader. This is presented in the confidence he exudes with his direct business practices. He is also notorious for his eccentric and also uncommon leadership qualities. Autocratic leaders are not widespread; however he manages to continually build upon his leadership style which complements him with his many successes. Because of his irregular approach he often faces conflicts not only with strangers but with those he has an ongoing relationship with. Autocratic leadership style is beneficial in an election campaign because as a…

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