The Presidential Doctrine Of Kennedy And The American Foreign Policy

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The American foreign policy has become passionate response to the uncertain and the fast changing world. Their motive is to observe that their national interests are support in conjunction with those of other countries can be achieving international goals almost in all accept, this able either business at wide or diplomatic relation. The major and the basic national interests of US are to discourage and reduce the threat of chemical and nuclear weapons assault on US forces in different foreign countries thus ensuring subordination in shaping a successful international system
A Unit State of America Presidential doctrine is fundamentally draft goals of the current United States President and his key objectives in regards to foreign affairs. A president most of time want to announce a doctrine in order to achieve a strategy concerning a country or region in a way to realize the main outline or goals for the United States. In this paper we see about presidential doctrine of Kennedy. The Kennedy Doctrine refers to foreign policy
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It seems as though all of the foreign policies or doctrines of these three presidents revolve around the threat of communism, hard working to prevent the spread of it and exacting the measures the US of America should present to prevent it. The main focus of the Eisenhower Doctrine’s was on providing armed and financial support to nations opposing Middle East communism, along with trying to increase the movement of trade from the U.S. into Latin America. On the other hand, the Truman Doctrine did so by offering support to countries opposing communism in Europe. In following, the Kennedy Doctrine was made up of the same intentions, but was more driven to intercede communism and the Soviet effect on Cuba following the Cuban

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