Essay The President Of The United States

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As the elected leader of the United States, the President’s job is to represent the nation as well as the American people. Chief of state, chief executive, chief diplomat, and chief administrator define just a few of the various capacities the president is required to fill, all while maintaining a solid reputation and serving as a quintessential example of what it means to be an American. The citizens of the United States have consistently proven to have high expectations of the president, however unrealistic these expectations may be. Following the end of the Second World War and the initiation of the modern presidency, measuring the success of the president has become increasingly important. Approval ratings have consistently been an effective way to measure public opinion pertaining to the presidency, beginning in 1945 with President Harry S. Truman (Gallup Poll). Approval ratings have a substantial impact on presidential success, as they indicate whether the general public believes the president is fulfilling his/her role as head of the executive branch. Approval ratings also serve the basic function of providing an overall assessment of public judgment (MacKeun 1983). In addition to being indicative of the president’s relationship with the people, approval ratings may provide insight into the relationship the president maintains with the legislative branch. A high or low approval rating may also be used to gauge the percentage of votes an incumbent president may…

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