Essay about The President Of The Culture Club

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I entered high school with the motivation of involving myself in everything I possibly could. I wanted to make meaningful contributions to society, and I wanted to inspire others. So that is what I did. I am the founder and president of the Culture Club. I have been the president of Chinese Club for the past two years, and after successfully executing the role of the Public Relations Officer my sophomore year, I am the first female president of Spanish National Honors Society. Along with my leadership positions in the clubs already listed, I am an active member of National Honors Society, Beta Club, Young American Democrats Club, Women 's Empowerment Club, Spanish Club, and Backpacking Club. Through hosting and planning weekly meetings, organizing fundraisers, and scheduling field trips, my organizational skills improved greatly. As momentum continued, I mastered how to receive criticism and hold others accountable in a respectable manner. With these skills under my belt, I also was able to grasp diverse groups of people and handle distinct personalities, ultimately allowing me to become more tolerant and accepting.
Outside of clubs, I have been involved with many extra curricular activities. My Sophomore year, I was a speaker at the first ever International Conference at River Bluff High School. There, I introduced guest speakers, and spoke in an assembly called "The Benefits of Learning a Second Language". For my Chinese class, I helped organize a field trip to China…

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