The President Of The Army Essay

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"I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its stupidity." (1), this quote given while serving as the Chief of staff of the Army, helps provide insight into some influences of how policy during Presidents Eisenhower’s tenure in office was developed. The Presidents early upbringing late in the 19th Century raised mostly in isolated rural areas (when this country cared very little about life outside its boundaries). Raised by educated parents both graduated from college uncommon during that time, religion, and a sense of family everyone doing their fair share prevalent during his formative years. Involved in an accident early in life his younger brother lost his eye; he later referred to the accident as the point when he realized that he needed to be protective of others. His education from West Point lead to his understanding of the importance of planning and visualizing outcomes. General Eisenhower (Ike) was probably the most equipped in our history based on his experiences, prior presidents focused outward while Ike focused on domestic issues and communism. His policy of containment while like Truman’s in some cases differed in the application of military force. While Truman for example thought that conventional warfare would be the solution and the use of nuclear weapons only as a last resort. The Eisenhower policy followed the reverse conventional warfare was cost prohibited and nuclear weapons ensured determent…

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