The President Of A Home Health Care Services Firm Essay

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5.12 a. The president of a home health care services firm.
A president of a home health care services firm would have many concerns to contend with. Particular in a people oriented field, home health care is a taxing occupation which can lead to burnout and early attrition. Hilliker (2007) reported “that 30 percent of home care nurses were dissatisfied with their current job” (p.1). Emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and personal accomplishment are factors which lead to attrition (Hilliker, 2007, p. 58). Consequently, a home health care services firm would require active management and recruitment to fill sustain the manpower needed to meet the demand.
Research question hierarchy. The design of each specific task (management dilemma, management question, and research questions) below can help a researcher move through the various levels of questions to define the larger problem, narrow the focus to general components, and a further exploration of the topic to drill down to the specific elements that cause the larger problem (Cooper & Schindler, 2014, p108). The research question hierarchy applies to this sub-question and follow-on sub-questions. Specifically, the tasks below will detail how a home health care president can manage staff burnout.
Management dilemma. Why is homecare staff suffering burnout or attrition?
Management question. How can management increase homecare staff retention?
Research questions. 1. What factors cause burnout or early…

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