The President And Foreign Policy Essay

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A. President and Foreign Policy There is no more demanding job from being the President of the US. The President of US is responsible for the actions of the most powerful country in the world and if something goes wrong most of the times there is no going back. One of the roles that a president has is to deal with foreign affairs and the policies of the country. In the US it is a Presidents responsibility to be affective in foreign affairs, because the US is one of the biggest and most powerful countries in the world with many world partners in trade and international relations. The US has to deal in an everyday bases with many countries around the world. The President should be in good terms with the countries that are partners with the US and should always proceed to achieve agreements that are beneficial to the country and its people. Throughout the years the way every single one of the presidents has dealt with foreign police is different from the previous. In a matter of fact it they all had to overcome difficult barriers, others succeeded and others not so much. The US President had different powers in foreign policy. First, the President is a commander in chief of the US and he does not need get consult (Nelson, 2014, 528). This power is mentioned under Article two (2) and it gives a lot power to the President. The US President is responsible for a number of people working under the military (Dodds, 2015). He has the power to recognize foreign countries…

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