The Presenting Client, Melissa, A Single 32 Year Old Non Denominational Christian Church

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The presenting client, Melissa, is a single 32-year-old non-denominational Christian. She attends a small Christian church in her rural town. Recently she has been under pressure for not being married, as being married and raising a family are something she wants, and strongly emphasized in her culture and religion. She has been wondering why “God has waited so long to bring a partner into her life, why He has not answered her prayers.” Although she lives in a small town and attends a small church, there are many available men both in her town and in nearby towns; most of these men are Christian, as she desires. However, it seems that those in whom she is interested are not interested in her, and those interested in her, she is not interested in. She has been questioning whether she is following God to his standards since he is “not answering her prayers.” She is also questioning whether there is something inherently wrong with her that prevents her from being “sent a partner from God” and having successful relationships.
Melissa states her parents and older siblings pressure her “constantly,” who are all married with children, to “settle down already” since she is “getting too old.” Also, many of her close girlfriends are already married and are having their subsequent children. She has been in all of their weddings and been a part of their life milestones including parenthood. She states, “I see everyone else living the way God intended while I sit here and wither away…

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