The Presentation Of The Multimedia Evaluation Essay example

790 Words Oct 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
In assignment two, the multimedia evaluation, I categorized pizza, a notorious “junk food”, as a nutrient-rich food. I strategically organized my video, beginning with an attention-grabbing introduction, establishing three criteria, and ending with a call-to-action conclusion. Throughout my evaluation, I employed various rhetorical strategies to supplement my claim and convey a message to the audience, pizza lovers and/or skeptics. The use of these strategies combined with the arrangement of the film create an effective evaluation, establishing pizza as a nutrient-rich food. In the preamble of my evaluation, I display a short introduction, grabbing the audience’s attention, presenting background information, implying the exigence, and establishing credibility. This clip is effectively eye catching, forcing the audience to become engulfed in the subject matter that follows. However, before the evaluation is fully commenced, background information and the exigence must be exposed; therefore, I give astonishing facts pertaining to the amount of pizza consumed throughout the world. This evidence provides the audience with a sufficient amount of information to convey the exigence (revealing the factual nutritional content of a slice of pizza), allowing them to become more thoroughly engaged in the evaluation. Finally, the intro clip establishes self-credibility, for I (the rhetor) am shown making pizza, showcasing my knowledge of the trade. This is essential for the integrity…

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