The Presentation Of Bullies In Oliver Twist Analysis

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The Presentation of Bullies in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens wrote the novel "Oliver Twist" as a way of expressing his views on how the rich treated the poor, and how he felt about the
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Sikes thinks of Nancy as his property, a part of him just like his dog. Nancy and his dog are like the pure and good side of Sikes' character. Sikes is a dark and criminal character and in contrast to this Nancy and the dog 'Bulls-eye' are the white, and pure side of Sikes, but Sikes relationships are based on intimidation. Nancy is very fearful of Sikes, this is clear from her body language, as she draws her scarf around her when Sikes is nearby. Even though she is scared of leaving him, she admires his power perhaps that's what she likes about him and because Sikes has never experienced love, and that's what made him so emotionless and unsentimental. He feels that by over-powering her, she will stay with him. In spite of the fact that Sikes treated her like everyone else he still showed signs of appreciation towards Nancy, 'She's an honour to her sex'.

Sikes ended up beating her down with a club. Nancy's death is a presentation of Christianity; she represents the innocent Virgin Mary while Sikes portrays the Devil. Nancy died holding a white handkerchief, which symbolises her
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She pays the price for betraying the gang and doing something right. This betrayal effectively brings about her murder by Sikes.

Various people bully Oliver constantly throughout this novel, but he maintains his innocence, even when he is forced into an underworld of crime and violence, ' "I saw it was not easy to train him to the business, " replied the Jew, " he was not like the other boys in the same circumstances." ' Oliver's capability to adapt and survive at brutal times in his life presents Oliver as a much more complex and three-dimensional character than we would at first assume. Oliver's loving and determined nature is unaffected by the environments he finds himself in, and in spite of all the difficulties he experiences, he remains upright and virtuous. We see Oliver mature from an innocent victim of the workhouse to a worthy young gentleman.

The reason Oliver is bullied is because he is seen as a lower class within society than everyone else, this is due to being an orphan and because his mother was thought to have been a prostitute. Even

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