Essay about The Present Canada Identity Task

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1982- The Present Canada Identity Task
Black Berry
In February 1985, Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin co-found research in Motion (RIM) as an electronics and computer science business based in Waterloo, Ontario, a Canadian university where Lazaridis and Fregin studied Motion. In 1989, RIM develops a network gateway, introduced as RIMGate. RIMGate is predecessor to its Blackberry Enterprise server. In 1994, RIM launches a handheld point-of-sale reader. This allows anyone to verifies both debit and credit transactions directly to a bank. In 1995, RIM invented its own radio modern for wireless email. Now anyone can access their email. In 1999, the blackberry appeared on the market for the first time. however in 2003, RIM introduced the first of what we would think of as being the modern smartphone, not only this blackberry is functioned as a telephone but it also allow anyone to send and receive email without computers, allowed anyone to text, and use the web browser. This Blackberry was the very first smartphone ever invented as RIM combine what they invented before the blackberry including email, data network, and keypad. Mike Lazaridis and his RIM (Blackberry) Company have contributed to the event of developing a smartphone called Blackberry. Blackberry contributed to Canadian identity by being the very first smartphone ever develop, in a very short time they managed to completely change the way for others to communicate, and allow anyone who has a blackberry to…

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