The Presence Of Sexual Harassment Essay

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The Presence of Sexual Harassment in Public Places Imagine yourself walking through the hustle and bustle of center Philadelphia and gazing at the colossal advertisements hung above your head. These advertisements are unavoidable. Outdoor advertisements are a fundamental faction of most major cities around the globe, a vital part of the culture. The advertisements morph into a controversial hot topic when they incorporate images of woman that could be deemed as sexually inappropriate. Just as pin-ups in the workplace are considered a sexually harassing behavior in Australia, researchers as well as feminists are starting to believe that there is a certain parallel between pin ups in the workplace and outdoor advertisements that deem them as equally demeaning. Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Well to draw a picture for you, Las Vegas is the headquarters for sexually explicit outdoor advertisements. Imagine being seven years old, the age I was when I vacationed there and seeing billboards of half-naked women at every single block. The article “Pin-ups in public space Sexist outdoor advertising as sexual harassment” written by Lauren Rosewarne addresses this connection through various outlets but does not demand for the readers to push for legislation that would prohibit the usages of the two. Instead she urges the readers to consider the possibility that the two are equally dehumanizing by researching the topic further. From Rosewarne’s belief that outdoor advertisements raise…

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