The Presence Of Physicians For Lethal Injection Essay examples

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The Presence of Physicians for Lethal Injection
Summary of Major Ethical Positions Physician participation is required in 17 of the 35 states that currently use lethal injection as their main form of execution (Giby, 34). Whether or not this requirement is ethically acceptable as deemed by many medical associations becomes a conflict with the state laws in which these executions are taking place, and also with the federal rulings regarding capital punishment. The American Medical Asssociation (AMA), World Medical Association, American Nurses Association (ANA), and the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) are the most involved medical associations in dealing with the ethics of lethal injection. Their policies along with the Hippocratic Oath would be violated by the medical professionals involved with the execution (Giby, 33). Physicians have and ethical responsibility to humane and fair treatment to their patients, and to do no harm. They are expected to adhere to the Medical Code of Ethics, therefor any act of cruelty towards a patient is prohibited (Zivot). Every task that medical personnel would be need for in an execution from participating in monitoring inmates vital statistic to consulting with an execution team are prohibited by the AMA Code of Ethics. No direct or indirect participation that has the potential to cause death is acceptable to the AMA (Litton, 335). It is the belief of the medical associations and medical boards that physician participation in…

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