The Presence Of Innocence, By Nick Flynn Essay

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In the presence of innocence, must one be exposed to the truth of reality? Nick Flynn seeks to answer this question in "Cartoon Physics", and in doing so reveals that children must not be tainted with the vastness of reality. Through an account of the universe 's power and the world of cartoons, Flynn utilizes symbolism to explore human reality. Flynn reveals that in cartoons, characters are in control of their environment. Additionally, children who play in sandboxes produce an alternate universe. These examples reveal how people consciously seek to ignore the truths of reality. Through an analysis of the universe 's power and cartoon physics, Flynn exposes how innocence functions as a source of protection in human reality. Ultimately, Flynn 's observation of knowledge, adulthood and self-control help construct his understanding of innocence.
In the first stanza of "Cartoon Physics", Nick Flynn uses imagery, such as spiral galaxies and collapsing solar systems, to convey how vast the universe is. Nonetheless, Flynn extends his use of imagery to tangible items. He compares disasters to "burning houses" (12) and "sinking ships" (16), which reveals that ignorance can still prevail when individuals are aware of routine events. These two passages also serve to construct Flynn 's claim that in the world of innocence, one will always be rescued from their maladies, as "the trucks will always come with their ladders" (17). Consequently, this serves as a reminder to…

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