The Preschool : Why Preschool Matters Essay

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Why Preschool Matters
My older daughter started her preschool when she was two years old. It was a memorable day because she was hard to be separated with me. She was crying when I left her at school. She was a little bit shy, and feared to play with other children. This also gave me a hard time, and I felt very bad too because she had never separated with me since she was born. I start to think whether it is necessary to put her in the preschool, and is the preschool suitable for her? She may be happier if she stayed home with me until she was old enough? I had been confusing for quite a long time. After two years later from what happens on her after her attending the preschool, now I have the answer. Now she is four years old, and is not crying anymore and make lots of friends at school. She always tells me that she loves to go to school and school is her favorite place because she has lots of fun with her friends. Obviously, she grows a lot in school. Unfortunately, there are still a number of children who do not go to preschool because of various reasons, for example, some parents believe that preschool is not necessary for their children, and home is much better than preschool. Furthermore, some people complain that public preschools provide poor quality for children and the private preschools are so expensive, of which are not affordable. This essay will discuss about why preschool matters for children. The main arguments are that the first five years are very…

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