The Presbyterian Home Healthcare Services Program Essay

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The Presbyterian Home Healthcare Services Program in New Mexico is facing some issues as presented in the case study. The main issue, which also faces the majority of US hospitals is the prospect that shortage of beds is expected to increase as the population in the home ages. The issue is to look for creative ways to take care of the patients. The key issue is therefore improving quality of care and patient satisfaction while reducing costs. The challenge is facing the “hospital at home” strategy of the New Mexico home with its prospect to provide acute care services in the patient’s homes for those whom would normally be hospitalized, and the prospect to continue reducing the hospital care cost through quality care to its patients. In this realm, the other issue has been the adoption of the model which has been limited by policies for payment that are restricting to care reimbursement in the hospital context. The Presbyterian Healthcare Services new home opted to launch a health program using a personalized health plan while countering the key issues mentioned. In the general analysis, the home program was meant to counter the issues of clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and health care costs (Leff et al, 2005).
Situational Analysis
Externally, the integrated delivery system is a strategy that is being used by the majority of home programs to meet the patient needs better through offering those in need of acute care and meet particular criterion the option to be…

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