The Preparation Of Alcoholics Anonymous ( Aa ) Meetings Essay

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During the preparation stage, a person is preparing to take the necessary steps to change (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2012).
Eighth Week/Session Ted enter this week having some experience in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings. He shares his first experience in stating to others, “I am Ted and I am an alcoholic.” He stated it felt “right” to share that with other members of the meetings. Although Ted reported having sleep issues and difficulty during late evenings, his relationship with his daughter has improved as she often tells him, “I love you.” Ted is aware of his personal triggers and stated, “it is hard to believe that I will never have another drink for the rest of my life”, this implies that Ted is aware of the possibility of relapse. He expressed that part of him “feels great.” Ted is in the action stage of change. He is actively engaging in relapse prevention programs such as AA, attending counseling sessions, and has remained abstinent from alcohol. The action stage of change is characterized by implementing the change (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2012). A common aspect of this stage is the “pink cloud”. The pink cloud is a risky stage during recovery, when an individual feels intense emotions about his or her recovery and often feels everything is going perfect. Ted is excited that he is sustaining recovery, but aware of the possibilities of relapse.
Twelfth Week/Session and Early/Ongoing Recovery Ted entered the twelfth session after relapsing; he stated his relapse…

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