The Pregnancy Of Teenage Mothers Essay

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According to Holub et al. (2007), a group of 154 teen mothers who are being investigated from their third trimester up until 16 months after giving birth. These teen moms are ranging from the ages 14 through 19, all clients from 10 different local clinics in their area. There was a series of four sessions that mothers were talking about different things such as how they were dealing with motherhood, how their stress level was, and how they were feeling. Mothers hold the responsibility of their child, therefore making it extremely important that the mother is mentally healthy and transitioning into motherhood smoothly. Pregnancy for adolescents is a very stressful experience, and post pregnancy is even more of a struggle due to post-partum emotional disorder. The mothers who stressed the most were the same ones who struggled with being a mother and had a hard time nurturing their child. These teen mothers need as much support as possible during and after their pregnancy. Psychiatric help is crucial for these young fragile women (p.153).
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Holub et al. (2007) states, there are a total of 425,000 live births to teen mothers each year. Many mothers are able to accept the position of being a mother, but some struggle with expecting too much from their baby’s developmentally, causing maltreatment of children. Being sensitive and showing their baby’s love and affection is really hard for these teen girls. Mostly because they weren’t really shown love by…

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