The Precepts Of Moral And Social Guidelines Essay

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The Precepts of Ptah is in a way a set of moral and social guidelines. These guidelines or instructions are in the form of a letter from father to son. In the introduction it seems to be saying that he is having this letter written to his son because he himself is reaching old age and wants to pass his wisdom onto his son. The father is a man of great importance. He goes over many themes like self conduct, family, and leadership. The author writes of how one should conduct themselves. One thing he touches on is gossip, “Do not repeat any extravagance of language; do not listen to it; it is a thing which has escaped from a hasty mouth “ Do not listen or repeat gossip or ill words. Also “Do not plunder the house of your neighbors “ In other words do not steal. These among other passages in the text give his son instructions on how to conduct himself. These of course can be translated into rules to follow in the modern day. “If you are among the persons seated at meat in the house of a greater man than yourself, take that which he gives you, bowing to the ground.” If you are someones guest give thanks for what they give you. In this passage he speaks of manners, espiecally in the presene of those superior to you. People today can learn from these instructions, speaking ill of others is in my opinion a large problem in today’s society that we face everyday in school, work, and even within our own families. Things like manners, gossip, and not taking things that are not our…

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