Essay on The Pre Columbian Indigenous

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The pre-Columbian indigenous included Ancient America culture, they resided, for thousands of years, in America before Europeans invaded the western hemisphere. The natives mostly depended on hunting for food; they used bows and arrows as their weapons and became skilled archers. The natives didn’t have metal tools most of their tools were made of wood, clay, and stone. Certain pre-Columbian societies practiced agriculture while others hunt for their meal, depending on the area and climate. Throughout the California coastal region more than 100 native tribes lived in small communities, they use to weave basket in a creative yet functional way. The Mississippi valley consisted of tribes that build their villages along rivers; they were the Hopewell culture that extended throughout the Rocky Mountains. This culture was especially skilled in crafting with bones, stones, and copper. The Mississippians were said to be advanced in astronomy, in fact they created wooden cylinder tools that today resembles a telescope. The Cahokians was one of the ancient Americas that also resided eastern of the Mississippi river and build their houses out of wooden material. They were known as one of the most powerful community as they dominated America until 1492, when America was discovered. The book also says that they showed “supernatural forces” of their leader by the way they buried him, which is known as the Cahokia burial. Before the Indigenous American were influenced by the Europeans,…

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