The Prayer Of The Church Essay

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There is one universal church that is made up of all believers for all times which was established by Jesus Himself, and it consists of all those who are elect in the eyes of God. The church in the local sense is a group of believers that join together to fellowship about God and the laws that he has given all believers. The offices in the church are for pastors and deacons, which can only be scripturally held by men. God ordains men for these positions, and while women are capable of serving the church, they should not serve the church as pastors or deacons of the church because of the laws set forth in God’s law. There are two ordinances that the church must obey, one of them being the Lord’s Supper, which is a symbolic act of obedience to the Jewish Seder that Jesus performed before Jesus was crucified. Jesus in His words did not literally mean that the bread and the wine literally become His body and blood, but instead meant it symbolically to memorialize the death that he would suffer on the cross for the sins of the world.
Baptism is the other ordinance of the church, and this is something that needs to be done when someone has reached the age of accountability and fully understands the magnitude of the act, to which they submit themselves. The word baptízó, which literally means, “to submerge,” and is an act where the believer is fully submerged in water. This ordinance is something that is, and should be, continued in the church, and done when the believer wants…

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