The Prayer Of The Church Essay

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Worship is defined as “The feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.” Before this course I always thought it was just the slow songs at church that always came before the sermon, I now understand It to be a way of life. King David was an incredible symbol of worship both in his time and ours, and is particularly significant in how we should view worship. The way that we worship, as Pentecostal Christians as apposed to Anglican Christians is very different as they are very focused on works and religiosity do not have as much of a relationship with God. In my own experience growing up in an Anglican school I observed Anglicans version of worship for many years. Being involved in the church I have seen how they worship as a group, not just on Sunday’s but how they live their lives.

Before this course I thought that to worship God was just to raise my hands at church and sing along with the rest of the congregation during the slow songs. I now know that to truly worship God is so much more. It is a lifestyle of relationship, of glorifying God as best you can in everything you do. Before the course I also thought that worship music was the key to entering into Gods presence, and at the time it felt like the Holy Spirit was in the chords and the lyrics. I now understand that though worship time at church and worship songs are amazing for helping us enter into the presence it is not the only way to do so.
I found as I grew that God’s presence will come to…

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