The Practice Of Agriculture Is Becoming A Serious Problem Essay

1024 Words Apr 11th, 2016 null Page
The practice of agriculture is becoming a serious problem, especially considering with the world’s population estimated to increase from 7.2 billion to 9.6 billion (, 2013). There is already not enough food that can be distributed to sustain the already 7.2 billion people existing on this planet. The source of the solution lies in the hands of the growers of our food and the agricultural industry. The industry is stuck in very traditional ways that have vast room for improvement in yield and efficiency. The amount land that it currently takes in order to provide the current supply of food is approximately 11% of the globes total land surface. (, 2015). That 11% is equivalent of 1.5 billion hectares. It is reported by that the 1.5 billion hectares is 36% of the total land area that is available for agriculture. The land that is used already is taking most of our precious resources like underwater ground water and precious wildlife land. Let alone, if we used the additional 64%. Then we would be using resources at an alarming and unsustainable level for future generations.
There are currently a number of problems that plague the world’s agricultural society. One of the most impactful problems is the efficiency that is used to grow crops for the food that keep the world’s grocery stores and restaurants stocked with food. It is stated that approximately 80% of the nation’s underground and surface water is used by agriculture in the United States…

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